Jeep Safari In Bandhavgarh National Park

Madhya Pradesh is virtually a paradise for wildlife and adventure lovers as the state is blessed with an ample variety of flora and fauna. There is something magical in the soil of Madhya Pradesh where we find two of the most amazing and offbeat wildlife destinations like Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park. Bandhavgarh National park is famous for the highest density of tiger population in India. If you wish to take the subtle glimpses of royal kingdom then jeep safari would be the only feasible option to discover the beauty and wildness of the Bandhavgarh. Wondering if it is worth visiting national park like Bandhavgarh without spotting the prized Royal Bengal Tiger, the answer would be probably no. Do not wait; plan a magnificent trip to Bandhavgarh that will definitely make you awestruck by the wilderness and of course the sight of the stripped royal beauty.

The topography of the park is quite rocky inside the park, and there are around 35 sandstone caves. To spot one of them you can take different safaris, jeep safari is the popular way among the visitors. Jungle safari is the most prominent part of any wildlife excursion. Tourists coming to Bandhavgarh National Park can do jungle safari two rounds in a day. The jeep for the morning safari departs early by 6:15 AM and 2:30 PM for the second round. Though, safari timings in Bandhavgarh depend on the particular season you are visiting. You can go for a jeep safari in the Tiger Reserve area every day except Wednesday evening as the park remains closed for evening safari drives. Safari is allowed in only core zone of the park i.e. Tala Zone (Staring Point Gate No. 01), Magadhi Zone (Staring Point Gate No. 02) and Khituali Zone (Staring Point Gate No. 03) of the respective zone.

Online Jeep Safari Booking Bandhavgarh National Park

It is always advisable book your safari in advance means 90 days before the date of your actual visit. It is so because a healthy rush is observed especially during the weekends, festivals and holiday seasons.

Wildlife Safari Timings in Different Zones

Bandhavgarh National Park offers plethora of diving options amidst nature with the existence of various safari zones which provides a gateway to unravel the hidden mystery of the park. You will never tire of the sights and sounds and smells of this wondrous land. There are four different safari zones where travellers are allowed to enter and enjoy Jeep/ Elephant Safari rides. All visitors are allowed into the park twice in a day for 03 hrs jeep safaris, once in morning and again in afternoon shift. An open 4WD Gypsy's are commonly used as safari vehicle. Number of Vehicles allowed to enter inside the different zones in each shift is distributed as follows:

Tala Zone (Gate No.01): Total number of Gypsy's permitted to enter inside the park is 50 (25 vehicles in Morning shift and remaining 25 in Afternoon shift). Tala Zone is declared as a Premium Safari zone of the park. It is so because there is strong probability of tiger sighting in this zone, so it remains usually in demand throughout the season. Visitors have to pay double entry fee to do safari in this premium zone. A, B, C, D are four different jungle safari routes that has been proposed by the forest officials and fortunately these designated routed lies in Tala Zone. Routes B and D or vice-versa are very much popular among the visitors. Most importantly Bandhavgarh Fort Safari also lies in this zone in which only 05 jeep safaris are allowed in a single day. Jeep Safari in Tala Zone remains in demands so it is always advisable advance booking of permits so as to secure entrance to the desired zone.

Magadhi Zone (Gate No.02): Total 40 Jeep safaris allowed to enter into the park, 25 in Morning shift and 15 in afternoon shift respectively. The second important zone after Tala that is perfect for Tiger Sighting is Magadhi zone. After sharp hike in entry fee and declaration of Tala Zone as Premium Zone, Magadhi Zone has become the second choice for tourists. Bokha is main dominant tiger in this zone. Other wildlife species like Sambar and spotted Deer is seen frequently in this zone.

Khitauli Zone (Gate No.03): In morning shift only 18 Gypsy's are allowed to enter and in afternoon shift 09 Gypsy's can make entry to this particular zone. Khitauli zone is known for birding, sloth bear and blue- bell sighting. It is least visited by the tourists so you can get the permit easily for this zone.

Best Time to Visit Bandhavgarh

The months of October through June are the perfect time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park. It is during this time when the excellent climate of central India is most pleasant and good hotels and accommodations are easy to find. Though, the peak season for Bandhavgarh is months of October through March. The months of November to February are also an ideal time to explore the Bandhavgarh as rainfalls during monsoon rejuvenate all the nature and its vegetation.