Spotting tiger is in your top bucket list and your traveling soul craves to watch wild mammals, especially tigers. The centre of attraction of the jungle safari is tiger and when you are in Bandhavgarh National Park you cannot stop yourself to be surrounded with the beauty of the jungle and their stars. 


Rendezvous with tiger

In Bandhavgarh National Park, you can experience the best sighting in different zones where the tiger spotting record is good enough that solve your main purpose of spotting tiger. Making your way to the park will be full of rejoicing and let you experience the mind-blowing view of the plethora of nature. 


Tiger’s Appearance

The love for the tigers is genuine, their appearance is very attractive, and their body structure and skin look so impressive. They are super strong and fearless and gain lot of attention. People are attracted to them for many reasons and their lifestyle are very impressive. They are staying in the coziest zone in Bandhavgarh National Park. There are around about 60 to 70 Royal Bengal tigers in the park. We have enough for sighting that makes great difference.


Most of its tigers live in the relatively compact Bandhavgarh National Park, part of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Here, tigers are the stars - the park signs read, 'Welcome to the Land of Tigers' - and a high sighting rate has made this a popular spot for those looking to see them. 


You can have the other belonging of the park apart from tiger safari they are also full of fun and full of excitement. 


With a wide variety of deer species, macaques, and langurs as well as sloth bears, Indian foxes, jackals, and wolves, Bandhavgarh is a superb wildlife destination.