Bandhavgarh National Park needs a special mention here as it offers some of the most absorbing demonstrations ever. The park is simultaneously earning credit and gradually making a mark in addressing as one of India's best birding destinations. The liveliness of the soul lies in watching the blissful birds in the forest which are the real eye candies. bandhavgarh looks more fascinating with the wide collection of unique species of birds. Park is the ideal resting place of more than 285 migratory and resident birds. 

I bet you can’t get over the real beauty of the colorful and vivacious birds (both resident and migratory). Especially for tourists, bird watching tours and camps are managed precisely. 

Birds and Their Fun Facts

bandhavgarh National Park is a bird spectators delight. Migratory birds generally take part in building their home in this area in season. You can’t get over the collection of birds in unique categories popular, commonly found and rare found birds species in bandhavgarh. Among them PeafowlCrow, Pheasant, A pair of Indian Scops Owl and Treepies are so much in the limelight. Beyond this you have more opportunity to have a glimpse of other birds like the Pintail, Brahmani Ducks, Common kingfisher, Barheaded Geese, Grey headed Fishing Eagle, Malabar pied Hornbill, etc. Few resorts are also there providing you full privilege to watch birds closely and longer. 

Not surprisingly, the beauty of the birds grabs major attention. The unique behavior of birds is surprisingly beautiful and they are not only supporting our ecosystem but also analyzing some interesting facts about birds are rare and research worthy. 

Best Place for Bird Sighting

Birding tour is no less than an epic moment for photographers, researchers and other tourists. The right angle of the birds is the right shoot for the perfect set. The popular water tank area in bandhavgarh is one of the best places for bird sightings. You pay homage to your soul when you experience the important species nesting in the tank. The water tank area in bandhavgarh is a prime location for bird sightings. 

The popular birds like this will be easily found in lake region and water tank Bar Headed Geese, Brahmini Duck, Pochards, Bar Headed Geese, and Coots.

Multi-colored birds of bandhavgarh

The unique color splash that the birds offer to bird lovers can in all probability be only coordinated by the underwater planet in a certain deep-sea couch. Underwater empowers all the colors in one go. Spotting these beauties by far will be an amusement in the forest. 

Some Colorful Birds of bandhavgarh

  • Jungle Fowls
  • Indian Roller
  • Indian Pitta

Bird Watching in Tourist Area & in Buffer Zone

Bird sighting is also organized in the tourism area, core and buffer zone as well neighboring wetlands. We have highly trained naturalists in birding as well. You will be bewildered by witnessing the professional birding with us. Your tour will be more fulfilling, carry your binoculars and cameras to take pleasure in the best and never-ending shots of the interesting sightseer birds in the park premises. Birding is a lifelong hobby for many and Take my word it's a very cheerful and healthy minute and lets your kids lessen the screen time.