The aerial view of the Bandhavgarh National Park is no less than heaven. Live amidst true wilderness at Jungle Lodge, located in the Tiger Reserve. This exquisitely designed conservation and flora and fauna-focused lodge allows you to choose from a few cottages and luxury tents, all of which come with the human being comforts you’d expect. To really hold your attention to the surroundings of nature, book one of the tents where you can observe animals as they drink from a nearby waterhole. 

Bandhavgarh has earned immense popularity as far as spotting or other views are concerned. The love for wildlife will be incomplete without having the best sighting of nature and wild creatures. The photography can be done easily and you can capture the moments of your travels with your friends and family would be great. 

Tiger Spotting Possibility

The chances of spotting a Royal Bengal Tiger during your Jungle Safari are not assured, but previous sightings suggest that Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve ranks among the best places to see them. As a result of the high density of tigers in a smaller area than other national parks, the Tiger Census Report released in June 2019 ranks Madhya Pradesh as the state with the most tigers. It is no wonder it is called the "Tiger State of India". Leopards and various types of deer breed in the park in large numbers.

The tiger sighting triggers a sense of awe in you, the kinda experience that you have seen in your childhood in your books and now you got to see in real. 

Tall Grasses and Deep Forest

Tigers enjoy relaxing not only on their territory but also in tall grasses and deep forests. Tigers enjoy relaxing not only on their territory but also in tall grasses and deep forests. Here you will find an abundance of beauty and no doubt you will enjoy the best view inside the park. Plants, birds, other wild animals, and of course your favorite tiger can provide motivation.