As one of India's premier wildlife destinations, Bandhavgarh offers hotels and resorts with exceptional hospitality services nestled within its dense forests. The accommodations in Bandhavgarh are both fascinating and relaxing, ensuring a comfortable holiday experience. Whether you seek luxury or travel on a budget, you'll find options that suit your preferences and style. From spacious cottages and well-appointed rooms to outdoor swimming pools and observation decks, these establishments are designed to impress.

The best options for lodging in Bandhavgarh serve excellent hospitality, amenities and services to enhance your staying experience in Bandhavgarh National Park. You can choose from deluxe, super deluxe, lodges, and homestays, all set in lush surroundings and offering high-end services that make your safari trip even more exciting. Alternatively, you might opt for a stay in a tree house to fully immerse yourself in nature. In summary, selecting one of the best resorts or Hotels in Bandhavgarh allows you to experience the essence of wildlife while enjoying unparalleled hospitality. You'll feel closer to nature and adventure, enhancing your exploration of the area. Contact us for booking details for these exceptional properties.

Experience the Utmost Comfortable Stay in Bandhavgarh

Mahua Kothi

Named after the regional Mahua tree, Mahua Kothi is a high-end luxury resort nestled in the heart of Bandhavgarh National Park. Renowned as a distinguished safari resort, it features 12 opulent cottages spread across a privately owned 45-acre forest on the park's fringes. Guests can enjoy views of expansive grasslands from their cottages, which are often frequented by monkeys and various bird species. The resort boasts a uniquely bean-shaped pool, tucked away amidst a bamboo grove and shaded by Mahua trees, providing a refreshing escape from the midday sun. The dining hall, with its large fireplace, offers a cozy ambiance for guests to gather around during the cooler winter evenings.

Samode Safari Resort

Ranked among the world's 50 best honeymoon hotels and destinations by The Telegraph, UK, Samode Safari Lodge in Bandhavgarh National Park is a lavish retreat for honeymooners. Surrounded by vibrant, traditional Indian architecture, the resort offers unmatched luxury and hospitality, making it one of the most popular resorts in Bandhavgarh. Located just a short drive from the Tala Gate of the national park, the lodge features 12 independent cottages adorned with vibrant hues and local artifacts. The public seating areas are decorated with colorful awnings, enhancing the authentic atmosphere.

Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge

While conservationist Kailash Sankhala made history with Project Tiger, his son Pradeep advanced the cause by merging wildlife conservation with tourism. In 1992, the family established Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge, which they have managed as their own home in the wilderness ever since. It's common to find pugmarks near the lodge and to wake up to the sounds of birds each morning. The 18-room lodge is operated by a local staff who lead safaris and nature walks, prepare local cuisine and offer culinary workshops, and are always ready to discuss the wild and its inhabitants. The rooms feature balconies with garden views, and guests can also enjoy a library and a medicinal garden.

Treehouse Hideaway Resort

Located in the charming village of Vijarhia near Tala Gate, The Treehouse Hideaway offers an unmatched safari experience. Each of the five tree houses blends a rustic, earthy exterior with elegant and comfortable interiors. These well-spaced accommodations come with modern en-suite bathrooms, living areas, split air conditioning, minibar, power backup, writing desks, and balconies furnished with chairs and loungers.

Syna Tiger Resort

Located just a kilometer from the Tala Gate of Bandhavgarh, Syna Tiger Resort spans 15 acres and stands out as a premier wildlife destination. The staff, mainly from nearby villages, add warmth and authenticity to the service, enhancing the guest experience. The resort features 15 serene cottages and a unique tree house, all equipped with modern amenities. As an ecotourism destination, Syna Tiger Resort emphasizes the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients in its multi-cuisine restaurant. This approach supports the local community and provides guests with delightful regional cuisine, reinforcing the resort's nature-centric ethos.