Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is a land of tigers. This Reserve is popular for its beauty and tourists worldwide come over here to see and feel the wildlife. Tourists love to have an encounter with tigers, tigresses, and cubs. Also according to the viral video on social media Dottie named tigress in Bandhavgarh is spotted with her cubs in the jungle. This makes all tourists capture this moment through their cameras and phones. 


15 months ago, Dottie started living away without her mother and she was looking after herself and her cubs since those time. She also made her territory herself and all the tourists love her due to her friendly attitude. You can find her in a Magadhi area often and this tigress has full potential so she is loved by all. 


Dottie is now becoming quite famous and everyone loves to spot her and wants to gaze at her longer due to her brilliance and attractive personality. 


Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is the only tiger reserve that gives you the mind-blowing experience of a sighting. By coming over here and doing a jungle safari you will feel complete even when you are not able to spot tigers. Its rich biodiversity is also drool-worthy.