Nestled amidst some of the most fun-filled and exhilarating destinations that are worth visiting. Here is a list of top places near Bandhavgarh National Park that one can visit after exploring the park!!

1. Khajuraho Temple- One of the most incredibly beautiful temples in the world, Khajuraho stands tall, surrounded by incredibly beautiful structures.This Spot found its place under the list of UNESCO world heritage sites and is collectively known as the Khajuraho group of Temples. The Carvings embellishing the walls of temples in Khajuraho manifest sensuality and were built under the command of the rulers of the Chandela dynasty back in 950 AD. The Temple gives visitors a chance to explore both Hindu and Jain temples. Some innumerable structures and temples are nurtured as synonyms of love and erotica, appealing to historians. 

Distance from Bandhavgarh National Park- 280 kilometers


2. Kanha National Park- Among the most famous national parks, Kanha National Park is located in proximity to Bandhavgarh National Park, thus allowing visitors to cover both. Barasingha aka Swamp Deer can only be encountered in this nature reserve, which makes this National Park popular among visitors. The Astonishing view of the highlands from this spot is something that one keeps in their mind for a long. One of the uncanny things about this national park is its shape which is in the form of ‘8’.Hence, there are several tiger tours that one can take when in Kanha National Park. 

Distance from Bandhavgarh National Park- 255 kilometers


3. Pench National Park- Another of a famous national park in the central regions of the country is Pench National Park. The National Park got its fame after it become a muse for Rudyard Kipling’s famous story, The Jungle Book. Being a Project Tiger Reserve, this National Park features a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna to leave one in awe of wildlife. The Destination calls for some beautiful and scenic landscape with a view of lush teak forests. The Commonly found wildlife species here are Leopard, Civets, Wild Boars, Macaque, Blue Bull, Gaur, Langur, and more.

Distance from Bandhavgarh National Park- 400 kilometers


4. Panna National Park- Another one of famous natural reserve which can be visited in Madhya Pradesh is Panna National Park. Nestled in the lower southern hills of the Satpura ranges, the national park gives an opportunity to get closer to Mother Nature and its splendid wonders. In 1995, the National Park was declared as a tiger reserve and was placed under the protection of Project Tiger. In addition to its rich cultural diversity, Panna offers adventurous experiences that will leave you breathless and adrenaline-rushing.

Distance from Bandhavgarh National Park- 196 kilometers


5. Jabalpur- Jabalpur is a town that boasts an excellent concoction of natural and man-made wonders, featuring numerous eye-catching historical structures and a stunning natural backdrop. Leaving no stone unturned, Jabalpur impresses its tourists with its massive gushing waterfalls and nature parks. Located on the banks of the pristine Narmada river, it is one of the ancient cities. Besides, the rich history of the town, the marble stones that cover the floors have also made this town famous. Another plus point is the pleasant weather throughout the year for an extraordinary experience. 

Distance from Bandhavgarh National Park- 197 kilometers