Unlock your way to Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh through knowing when is the best time to visit the park. There are many national parks in Madhya Pradesh but making your turn to Bandhavgarh National Park will be very fruitful. Look no further and decide on the idea of perfect vacation. Visiting over and over to the park will not bring out the best only but also when you are exploring and how important the park reacts in different norms. 

Summer (April to June)

Bandhavgarh National Park's best time to visit depends on your reason. The best time to witness an extensive diversity of birds at the park is between October and January. In contrast, the early summer months are the best for wildlife photographers, particularly if you're a tiger photographer. Usually seeing wild animals near the water source during the hot months is literally common. Even peak summer is also not discouraging travelers to spot tigers or other wildlife. 


We recommend wearing light, comfortable cotton clothing, 

Use caps and sunglasses while enjoying the wildlife tour.  

Carry bottles of water during the safari. 

Try to do the early morning safari instead of the afternoon and evening.

Winter October to March

Winter is the peak season for Bandhavgarh National Park. From November through March, most tourists visit the park. In November, the park becomes excellent for viewing as the monsoons have rejuvenated all its inhabitants. Sightings are generally easier between March and May when vegetation dries up, making spotting wildlife easier, especially the majestic tiger. Temperatures often reach a freezing point at night during the winter months. Make sure you are prepared with plenty of woolens. At the same time, there are major parts of the masses love winter season all the way. 


Jungle resorts should be in your priority list when in Bandhavgarh to keep up the wilderness theme. 

Always prefer to book your hotels and resorts in advance during November and December.

Extra woolen clothes will be the source of comfort in the night temperature which can be insanely cold.

Don’t spare yourself from outdoor activities like trekking and nature walking to soothe your wildlife sense even in winter. 

Monsoon July to September

It is not open during the monsoon season for tourists to visit Bandhavgarh Park. In this period, the park is transformed into an oasis of greenery. During this time of year, severe water logging may cause navigation within the park to be dangerous.


Do not visit Bandhavgarh National Park during the monsoon.