Sheshshaiya Bandhavgarh

Visit to Shesh Saiya

The fascination lies here in Bandhavgarh National Park where the 65 ft statue of lord vishnu is the foundation of river Charanganga. The specified design of this resting statue of lord vishnu on the seven topped serpent is the well-articulated vintage architecture. The surrounding area is rich with fruit comportment trees. On festivals like Diwali the decoration of the lamps look exclusive around the idol of Vishnu.

The good blend of lure greenery and atop a hill better compliments the statue of Lord Vishnu which is known as the Shesh Shaiya of Bandhavgarh National Park. This place is one of the centers of attractions for the tourists worldwide and they have the privilege to be within that surrounding to have a glimpse of it closely.

shesh shaiyaa bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh National Park has a foundation of the traditional age of Ramayana, with the caves still standing on the hills. It is popular in many ways.

It is also said that sightings of tiger and leopard are also feasible here at Shesh Shaiya. This place is accessible better with a guide otherwise it would be tough for you to reach over.

How to Reach Shesh Shaiya

Shesh Shaiya is on the way to Bandhavgarh fort and when you look around you will adore the appearance of the jungle. When you step ahead towards Vishnu statue which is almost in the middle of the jungle so missing this out would be foolishness. The magical view of the 35 feet long Lord Vishnu is quite mesmerizing. The Shiva Linga to the left side of the Vishnu statue while Brahma to his right side is huge and awestruck. Shesh Saiya is quite a thrilling experience and this makes you completely enthralled. Why now enrich your heart and soul being here.

The appealing view deserves round applause so overall a good treat to your soul. The spiritual vibes here will define the ethnicity of our tradition.

The perennial river instigates from his feet named "Charan Ganga."

Most importantly it never dries up and the Bandhavgarh locals have full advantage from this river. Earlier it was mentioned as Vetravali Ganga.

shesh shaiyaa in bandhavgarh
bandhavgarh shesh shaiyaa

The pond here is a good source of the wild animals like tigers and leopards as they come over to quench their thirst from time to time. The sunrays effect make the place look vivid and bright in real sense.

This place was an earlier royal kingdom and now the surroundings are making a different story entirely.